CPR First Aid AED

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Course Description

The course teaches you how to give CPR to an adult, child, or infant.

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a valuable life –saving skill for use as emergency care until medical help arrives. CPR combines rescue breathing and chest compressions when the heart and/or lungs have stopped working.

CPR is important in cases of Heart attack, drowning, electric shock, and problems may cause a victim’s heart to stop pumping blood.  This is called cardiac arrest.

Studies show that effective CPR right away improves survival from cardiac arrest.   Many cardiac arrests happen outside a hospital.  Most happen at home with family members.  You can make a difference, and the first step is learning CPR.

Heartsaver First Aid CPR/AED Course

This course is a classroom, video-based, instructor-led course that teaches students critical skills needed to respond to and manage a first aid, choking or sudden cardiac arrest emergency in the first few minutes until emergency medical services (EMS) arrives.

Students learn skills such as how to treat bleeding, sprains, broken bones, shock and other first aid emergencies.

Course Content:

  • Adult CPR and AED use
  • Environmental emergencies
  • First aid basics
  • Injury emergencies
  • Medical emergencies
  • Optional modules in child CPR and AED use and infant CPR

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